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Pneumatic Accessories

Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Air Pressure Measuring Kit for Predathor Speargun
Gauge for pneumatic spearguns. 0/40 barTECHNICAL DETAILCOD                           ADAPTORAE120/A            ..
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Butt Adapter for Vintair Cyrano
Shaft tangTECHNICAL DETAILCOD AE039 Ø 8 Vintair Predator Cyrano..
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Green 32 Oil for Pneumatic Gun
Formulated specifically for pneumaticsLow viscosity IndexHigh performance characteristics unaffected by temperature changesAnti-wear and corrosion protection100ml bottleTECHNICAL DETAILCOD 306001..
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Kit for 7mm Cyrano Shaft
Kit for shaft Ø 7 mmTECHNICAL DETAILCOD AE022..
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Kit for 8mm Shaft
Kit for shaft Ø 8 mmTECHNICAL DETAILCOD AE020..
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Kit for Predathor Pneumatic Speargun
Lightweight piston with low friction actionTrigger sensitiveAcid green construction with line release, trigger and safetyTECHNICAL DETAILCOD 306000..
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Multiloader for Pneumatic Speargun
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Vacuum Muzzle
Vacuum muzzle in machined lightweight aluminumIncludes three parts; Stopper with shock absorber, aluminum muzzle, aluminum muzzle adapter with shaft sealTECHNICAL DETAILCOD SIZE 302000A 13 302000B 11 302000C 11 evolution..
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