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Brand: C4 Model: C4 Hercules Reel
The structure of HERCULES reel is entirely manufactured in stainless steel AISI304 with the main crank assembled by welding. The spool, featuring a ø92mm and height of 47mm, is made in Polipropilene and it has a capacity of 65mt ø1.5mm line.Trapezoidal brake system.Tension knob manufactured in autol..
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Brand: Maverick American Model: SPRL001
Maverick AmericanDyneema Cored reel line 1.8mmTheMaverick AmericanDyneemacored reel line is 1.8mm thick with an amazing tensile strength at 410lb. It is the only line designed specifically for speargun reels with a cylindrical shape and good grip. Theconstruction consists of a soft pliab..
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Brand: Maverick American Model: SPRL002
Maverick AmericanDyneemacored reel line 2.1mmThe Maverick American Dyneema cored reel line is 2.0mm thick with an amazing tensile strength at 550lb. It is the only line designed specifically for speargun reels with a cylindrical shape and good grip. Theconstruction consists of a soft pli..
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Brand: Maverick American Model: MA1240-41
Big Game Float Lines are available in 60 and 100 footers, these blue medical grade vinyl float lines have heavy duty tuna cord wrapped inside and only the highest quality stainless steel ball bearing terminal connections. Made in USA.• Tuna clip on one end and 500lb big game swivel w/SS shackle on t..
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Brand: Maverick American Model: MA6500
1/8” dia. (3.2mm)17 - 4 spring stainless steel wire with 316 stainless ball ends. Bent and heat treated into an arch for springiness for multiple bands guns. These avoid the spear gun bands hugging the shaft and keep your bands parallel to the shaft for a clear line of sight. These also improve the ..
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Brand: Maverick American Model: MA982B
This ergonomically designed carbon steel tool includes a safety lock-pin and contoured handles for easy grip and painless use. The tool has 4 crimping positions for use with aluminum, copper and stainless round or double sleeves from 0.1mm to 2.2mm. Built-in line cutters on both sides ca..
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Brand: Maverick American Model: MA7200
Solid Stock Delrin machined muzzle for 2 or 3 band applications. These muzzles are CNC machined from solid stock Delrin material. 1” or 26mm Internal diameter fits most production speargun tubes such as Pathos,Salvimar, and Rob Allen. Pinch front wishbone through the muzzle for a tight-fitting band ..
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Brand: Maverick American Model: Maverick American Plasma Line
Maverica America Plasma Strand is the highest strength synthetic rope available. Ideal for spear gun fishing.Plasma Strand is manufactured from High Modulus Polyethylene that has been enhanced by a patented recrystallization process.  Plasma Strand is delivered standard with a polyurethane..
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Brand: Maverick American Model: Maverick American Polyester R-Line 1.6mm
The Maverick American R-Line 1.6mm offers extremely high abrasion resistance since it is manufactured with a double braided 100% industrial HT (high tenacity) polyester yarn. It has a tensile strength of 200lb making it perfect for use with small and large prey. It is perfect for filling small reels..
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Brand: Maverick American Model: Maverick American Shafts
The new Maverick American Square Notch Shafts are made with 17-4ph stainless steel hardened for strength and durability. These shafts feature a new low profile shark fin made by MIM injection micro-fusion molding and laser welded for precision. Available in 7mm or 8mm which corresponds to 9/32” and ..
Ex Tax:$53.95
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