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Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Tanto Speargun Bag
Speargun bag made of strong PVC Tarpaulin, waterproof zipper, openable along the length to turn it into the mat. Watertight joints. The large shoulder straps allow you to carry by hand, shoulder and as backpack a balanced way. Besides the guns, can also accommodate a pair of freediving fins, total l..
Ex Tax:$62.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Time Snorkel
TIMEFlexible snorkel with soft tubeHypoallergenic silicone mouthpieceAdjustable fixing loopTECHNICAL DATACOD COLOR 700200B BLACK700200G GREEN..
Ex Tax:$21.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Tomahawk Inverted Roller Speargun
Compared to a standard ROLLER the Tomahawk system develops 35% more power thanks to the thrust provided by the 4 additional rubbers whose elongation starts when the upper rubber has reached the ideal extension constrained by the inner core.Aircraft grade aluminium alloy elliptical barrelTeflon® shaf..
Ex Tax:$516.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Uniclamp Universal Clamp
Universal clamp for mounting reels and other accessories on tubes from Ø28 to 40 mm..
Ex Tax:$12.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Vacuum Muzzle
Vacuum muzzle in machined lightweight aluminumIncludes three parts; Stopper with shock absorber, aluminum muzzle, aluminum muzzle adapter with shaft sealTECHNICAL DETAILCOD SIZE 302000A 13 302000B 11 302000C 11 evolution..
Ex Tax:$66.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Vertical Reel 70
Stainless steel, Nylon and Delrin components.Separate drag and handle for windingLine GuideCompatible with all Salvimar speargunsStandard supplied components for assembly“Design & Technical Concept made in SalvimarTECHNICAL DETAILCAPACITY COLOR COD 70m x 1,5mm BLACK 301005/F70m x 1,5mm LIME - BR..
Ex Tax:$59.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Voodoo Rail Open Speargun
Aircraft grade Aluminum stock with integrated shaft guideTrigger sensitivity adjustment screwRemovable butt pad.Screw in bands for simple single band loadingNotched heat Tahitian shaftReel mounted includedTECHNICAL DETAILSIZE SHAFT RUBBER COD 60cm 6,5mm 17,5mm 300060/RO 75cm 6,5mm 17,5mm 300075/RO 8..
Ex Tax:$205.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Wild Carbo 60 Speargun
Carbon stock with outer diameter 28- Muzzle removable bridge- Screw in bands S400- Tahitian shaft- Removable butt pad- Reel mounted includedTECHNICAL DETAILSIZE SHAFT RUBBERØ RUBBER LENGTH COD 60cm Ø 6,5mm Pair Ø16,00mm 16cm 300C60..
Ex Tax:$208.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Wild Carbo Roller 75 Speargun
Carbon stock with outer diameter 28- Muzzle Roller- Bands S400- 7mm Capture shaft- Removable butt pad- Reel mounted includedTECHNICAL DETAILSIZE SHAFT RUBBER RUBBER LENGTH COD 75cm Ø 7,0mm Pair Ø16,00mm 48 cm 300CR75..
Ex Tax:$259.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Wishbone Kit with Nylon Plugs
Wishbone kit TWIN/B with nylon threaded plugsTECHNICAL DETAILCOD AP047..
Ex Tax:$14.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Wishbone Spheres (pack of 10)
Ergonomic spheres for bridles wishbonesTECHNICAL DETAILCOD 400436..
Ex Tax:$14.95
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