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Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Line Tightener (pack of 10)
Line TightenerTECHNICAL DETAILCOD 400262..
Ex Tax:$24.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Marsiglese Elastica Pro Belt
Marseillaise elastic weight belt with stainless steel buckle, reinforced holes and easy weight insertionDifferentiated thicknessNatural rubber“Design” and “technical concept” made in SalvimarTECHNICAL DETAILLINE LENGTH COD.SALVIMAR 135cm 400050B SALVIMAR 155cm 400051B..
Ex Tax:$44.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Martin Interchangeable Tip (7mm Thread)
Tricuspid stainless steel interchangeable tempered prong harpoon with 2 long barbsTECHNICAL DETAILCOD AC043..
Ex Tax:$26.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Martin Tricut Tip, Stainless
Stainless steel tip, tricuspid end and dual long barbs.TECHNICAL DETAILCOD AC040..
Ex Tax:$18.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Maxi Reel
30% Fiberglass loaded nylonStainless steel axle with DelrinHorizontal lightweight high strength spoolHigh-pressure smooth drag systemCompatible with all Salvimar speargunsTECHNICAL DETAILCOD CAPACITY ø TOTAL HEIGHT301005/D 75 M x 1,5 mm 85 mm 45 mm..
Ex Tax:$54.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Metal Roller Speargun
Aircraft grade aluminium alloy barrel with continuous railHandle with Metal trigger mechanismTrigger sensitivity adjustmentRemovable chest loading butt padRoller muzzle “Formula R”Capture shaftBands for loading supportTECHNICAL DETAILSIZE SHAFT RUBBER RUBBER LENGTH COD 60cm 6,5mm Double rubber Ø16,0..
Ex Tax:$309.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Metal Speargun
Aircraft grade aluminum stock with integrated shaft guide - Tapered fractioned profile for improved maneuverability- Handle with METAL trigger mechanism- Trigger sensitivity adjustment- Removable chest loading butt pad - Enclosed track muzzle- Open multiband muzzle- Dyneema soft wishbones- Shaft wit..
Ex Tax:$289.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Morpheus Mask
MORPHEUSTwo lenses mask, lower frame enlarging the visual field3D comfort noseMicrometrically adjustabe strapTemperated highly resistant glassHypoalergenic silicon skirtDesign and technical concept made in SalvimarTECHNICAL DETAILWEIGHT COLOR COD 150gr BLACK - BLACK 7400BB 150gr BLACK - GREEN 7400BG..
Ex Tax:$47.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Multiloader for Pneumatic Speargun
Ex Tax:$8.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar N.A.T. 2 Piece Wetsuit (3.5mm, 5.5mm, 7mm)
Two-piece wetsuitExternal: Nylon linedInternal: Open cellReinforcements: Puff Gum in all high wear areasReinforcements in the chest elbows and kneesExternal stitchingClosure: Beavertail adjustable clipTECHNICAL DETAILCOD SIZE THICKNESS 100101/A - 100101/E S-M-L-XL-XXL 3,5 mm100102/A - 100102/E S-M-L..
Ex Tax:$289.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Nebula Black 2 Piece Wetsuit (3.5mm, 5.5mm)
2-piece wetsuit with hooded jacketMaterial: Neoprene combined with superelastic central lining.Outer material: NeoCell-Stretch with superelastic central lining and polyurethane surface treatment.Interior material: Open Cell mediumdensity.Guards: Torso and knees in Stretch Ink.Trousers: high-waisted ..
Ex Tax:$449.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Nebula Blue/Green (3.5mm, 5.5mm)
Semi-Duraprene construction with polyurethane outer treatment.Open cell interior for high stretch, comfort, and warmth.Yamamoto 39 Neoprene.Lined exterior with our new Nebula camo pattern, a new photographic application for wetsuits.PuffGUM seams for protection.Reinforcements in the chest elbows.Ext..
Ex Tax:$467.95
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