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Reefrunner Fin Skins

Reefrunner Fin Skins

Add a custom touch to your gear while protecting from UV, scratches, and saltwater.

Why use ReefRunner skins?

ReefRunner skins protect your expensive gear from the ocean environment.  Fiberglass and carbon fiber fins degrade when exposed to UV rays and deteriorate when scratched and exposed to saltwater.  Additionally:

Skin patterns help reduce your hunting profile and tell your dive buddies apart underwater

Skins remove without leaving residue, allowing easy installation for your next set of skins

Skins come with easy application guidance or you may view the Fin Skin Installation video

Fin Skins Details

Compatible with all fiberglass and carbon fiber freediving fins (not compatible with some DiveR blades)

Application to plastic fins may require additional cuts if aggressive surface features are present 

Skins cover an area up to 29" x 8"; Choose the "Long" option to cover longer blades (up to 33"x8")

Order comes with two fin skins (one set)

Skins install over existing scratches or decals and can be removed without leaving residue

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Reefrunner Fin Skins
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