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Brand: C4 Model: C4 Dyn Socks Polyethylene
These socks are made in high modulus thermoplastic polyethylene. This waterproof fabric is among the toughest materials available to manufacture sporting clothing goods and it features a certified level 5 anti-cut resistance. It can be used in the pool, replacing the classic neoprene socks, with a r..
Ex Tax:$44.95
Brand: C4 Model: C4 Zero Socks
The design of these neoprene socks has been developed down to the smallest detail. We have used different materials for each panel making these neoprene socks the most comfortable and resistant on the market. The panel of the instep is made with elastic lining, the panel on the fingers is warm and a..
Ex Tax:$31.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Comfort Socks
New Confort ergonomicsDouble lined nylonReinforced seamsGood thermal powerNon-slip outer soleTECHNICAL DETAILSIZE thickness COD.S / 38-40 3,0mm 200523AM / 41-42 3,0mm 200523BL / 43-44 3,0mm 200523CXL / 45-46 3,0mm 200523DXXL 47/49 3,0mm 200523ESIZE thickness COD.S / 38-40 5,0mm 200525AM / 41-42 5,0m..
Ex Tax:$28.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Dyneema Gloves
The use of continuous thread of Dyneema® line. The new robust palm impregnated in nitrile. Tightest cuff. Toughest stuff...
Ex Tax:$22.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Fit Pro Socks
New right and left sock profileSuper elastic instepEasy to put on and take offSole and toe cap in reinforced material anti-slip-Differentiated thicknessReinforced through stitching-TECHNICAL DETAILSIZE thickness COD. EANS / 38-40 2,0mm 200520A 8058093684753M / 41-42 2,0mm 200520B 8058093684760L / 43..
Ex Tax:$35.98
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Krypsis Gloves (3mm, 5mm)
Elongated outer footbed with reinforcementHigh thermal powerSuper elastic outsideExcellent comfortTECHNICAL DETAILSIZE thickness COD.S / 7 3,0mm 200470AM / 8 3,0mm 200470BL / 9 3,0mm 200470CXL / 10 3,0mm 200470DXXL / 11 3,0mm 200470ES / 7 5,0mm 200475AM / 8 5,0mm 200475BL / 9 5,0mm 200475CXL / 10 5,..
Ex Tax:$43.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Krypsis Socks
High thermal powerSuper elastic outsideExcellent comfortElongated outer footbed with reinforcementOpen cellTECHNICAL DETAILSIZE thickness COD.S / 38-40 5,5mm 200565AM / 41-42 5,5mm 200565BL / 43-44   5,5mm 200565CXL / 45-46 5,5mm 200565DXXL 47/49 5,5mm 200565E..
Ex Tax:$42.95
Model: Salvimar Skinwind Gloves
Gloves Ergonomic externally smooth, reinforced palm in nonscratch patternTECHNICAL DETAILCOD SIZE THICKNESS200420 S-7 3,5 mm 200421 M-8 3,5 mm 200422 L-9 3,5 mm 200423 XL-10 3,5 mm 200404 XXL-11 3,5 mm..
Ex Tax:$35.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Skinwind Socks
Socks Ergonomic externally smooth, reinforced sole in nonscratch patternTECHNICAL DETAILSIZE THICKNESS COD S-38/40 3,5 mm 200590A M-41/42 3,5 mm 200590A L-43/44 3,5 mm 200590A XL-45/46 3,5 mm 200590A XXL-47/49 3,5 mm 200590A..
Ex Tax:$33.95
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