About us

Maverick America

Our company was created in February 2015 with the vision of bringing to the sport's enthusiasts the best equipment money can buy at the most affordable pricing.

Mark Laboccetta, Founding Partner

Mark Laboccetta      Mark Laboccetta started freediving and spearfishing in 1987 with his father, Eddie, using a small Technisub 40cm pneumatic speargun to hunt mullet along the Sardinian seashore. At an early age, underwater hunting became Mark's passion and he went on to receive 11 world spearfishing records from the International Underwater Spearfishing Association (IUSA).  

     In 1997, Mark and his father started a freediving and spearfishing distribution company called Technosport. Two years later, Technosport became the North American distributors for Omersub, a leading Italian scuba, spearfishing and freediving manufacturer.  In 2013, after growing Technosport into a multi-million dollar business, Omersub was acquired by a public corporation. Mark then decided he didn't want to be an "operations function for the man", and turned his sights elsewhere in order to preserve the small grass-roots industry of spearfishing. Mark believes that he family-owned businesses, with their long lines of artisans and entrepreneurs, produce the highest quality products. And those are the products he wants to share with the spearfishing community. As a family centric man, Mark also enjoys diving with his wife Lydia, who is also an accomplished diver and spearfishing record holder. 

      Mark soon met a like-minded entrepreneur, Petros Yiannikouros, and they forged a partnership with the mission of providing some of the best spearfishing lines in the world to the American market.

      Mark and Petros have personally tested most of the products advertised in the Maverick America catalog. The Maverick America spearfishing line represents a benchmark in terms of quality and value from small productions, for spearfishing enthusiasts around the world.  We think you'll agree, and look forward to continuing our mission of providing the spearfishing and freediving community with some of the highest quality products in the world.



Petros C. Yiannikouros Ph.D., Founding Partner

Petros Yiannikouros      Dr. Petros Yiannikouros started spearfishing at age eight in the island of Cyprus. His first speargun was a borrowed pneumatic 40cm Seac Sub ASSO. The fish (mullets, sargo, Mediterranean sea bass) were ample and easy to shoot but bigger fish would require a bigger gun. Petros saved enough to buy a 50cm ASSO, a gun he still owns to this day to end up a few years later upgrading to a 90cm Picasso Century. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Chemistry he moved to the US in 2001 to pursue his PhD at USC. In 2005 he joined the Los Angeles Fathomiers, a historic spearfishing club in California for which he maintains an active membership role as a sponsor and a competitive diver.

      In September 2007 he created a spearfishing Export Co. under the name Excelsior Group Inc in NY. Activities of the company included the export of high-end US made spearfishing products, mainly rubber and wooden guns, to the European market. In March of 2012 he used the experience he gained to start importing European top notch brands such as Bleutec and Pathos sharing the appreciation of these lines with fellow spear-fisherman here in America. Initially the business revolved around carbon fins and European style guns and it slowly expanded to a full line of products by various European brands. In December 2012 he convert the small California garage operation to an online shop under the name Spear America and almost 2 years later in September of 2014 created the biggest brick and mortar spearfishing store in Orange County which specialized in both wholesale and retail activities. Maverick America is the brain child Mark and Petros realized in 2015.

     These two independent industry forces believe their knowledge of the industry, experience, and culmination of experiences cultivated over decades of experience in the Spearfishing Industry in America could forge a force to be reckoned with. Petros and his Maverick America teammates have the experience and knowledge to compete side-by-side multinational Mfg.’s, with a focus however, on smaller production specialized brands that can be seen in our catalog.