About us

Maverick America

Our company was created in February 2015 with the vision of bringing to the sport's enthusiasts the best equipment money can buy at the most affordable pricing.

Mark Laboccetta, Founder

Mark Laboccetta started freediving and spearfishing in 1987 with his father Eddie in Sardinia where he was from. He started diving with a small Technisub 40cm pneumatic speargun for mullet along the Sardinian seashore with Eddie. Underwater hunting became his passion. The IUSA has awarded Mark 11 world spearfishing records to date. By 1997 Mark and his father brokered a National Distribution contract for North America by Omersub of Italy. Mark’s family business was the steward and custodian of these (Omersub and Sporasub) until the company was acquired by a public Corporation in 2013. After growing Technosport into a multi-million dollar revenue business Mark decided, he didn’t want to be an “operations function” for the man. Spearfishing is a small grass roots industry with family owned artisans that produce the best products. These qualities made this fun in the first place. It was only natural to reinvent the mission of high-end small companies focused on artisanship rather than volume like you see in this catalog.

The Maverick America spearfishing line represents a benchmark, in terms of quality and value from small productions, for spearfishing enthusiasts around the world. We think you’ll agree and we look forward to listening to our customers and continuing our mission of providing the best quality products in the industry to satisfy our passion.


Brandon West, Sales Manager

Brandon West started spearfishing six years ago when his love of fishing and the ocean introduced him to the underwater world. Born and raised on the crystal coast of North Carolina. After his first trip to blue-water and monster fish, Brandon was introduced to Mark through mutual friends at a point where Mark was just starting Maverick America out of a small warehouse. There, he purchased his first actual freediving speargun from Maverick America. Their friendship grew over just a few years from talking story in warehouse and diving together. When the opportunity arose for Brandon to work with Maverick America, they both saw it as an opportunity to grow Maverick and create a lifestyle that they both envisioned. Brandon, having a Bachelor of Science Degree from UNCW, over eight years of management experience and an undeniable passion for the freediving/spearfishing industry, brings a new dynamic to a rapidly growing Maverick America as the Sales Manager.


Michael Ward, Partner

Michael Ward started surfing and sailing the coast of North Carolina at an early age. As far back as memory allows, he always gravitated towards saltwater based activities such as surfing, sailing, fishing, and diving. He graduated in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science in Recreation and Park Management from East Carolina University. After moving to Costa Rica and working in the tourism industry he got married and started a family untimely choosing to settle back home in Wilmington North Carolina to further pursue business interests. His main business experience for the past 24 years is been in management of the wholesale distribution of beer and alcohol products in the Cape Fear region of North Carolina. He currently employs 42 full time employees encompassing 14 routes in 5 counties. In 2014 he joined into a partnership with two college friends who relocated to Colorado Springs Colorado to manage and the production and distribution of medicinal marijuana. Ultimately forming a successful chain of cultivation grows and medical marijuana dispensaries. After free diving, fishing, and generally becoming friends with Mark Labocceta, the opportunity arose to become a minority partner in the Maverick America Company. He jumped at the chance to be part of the fast growing industry of free diving and spear fishing.