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Brand: C4 Model: C4 - Sideral HT Fins
SIDERAL HT are extremely bright and shiny. Thanks to these features they increase the safety of deep sea freedivers and they can also create a “flashe..
Ex Tax:$654.90
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Hero Roller Speargun
Aircraft grade aluminium alloy elliptical barrel- Teflon® Shaft guide- Trigger sensitivity adjustment- Chest loading pad of soft rubber- Handle with h..
Ex Tax:$439.95
Brand: C4 Model: C4 Falcon Mask
FALCON has been conceived and designed by Enrico Sala, renowned diving products designer, specifically for deep freediving.The greatest feature of thi..
Ex Tax:$66.95
Brand: C4 Model: C4 Extreme Camo Wetsuit Jacket
EXTREME CAMO is a two piece wetsuit made in single lined neoprene with an elastic camoufl aged lining. The neoprene rubber is TUV certifi ed for the a..
Ex Tax:$157.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Predathor Pneumatic Speargun
Widened port holes for piston exit and shaft accelerationRound alloy barrelInternal barrel diameter ID 13mmFiberglass reinforced nylon constructionDyn..
Ex Tax:$159.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Deeper Freediving Watch
Depth gauge 100 mt.Surface timeDiving timeWater temperatureStorage of diving dataAlarm setting:one for max diving depthone for max diving time, Five i..
Ex Tax:$209.95
Brand: C4 Model: 0MAC4PL
PLASMA is a mask made in anallergic silicone and it is designed specifically for free diving and spearfishing.It features a wide field of vision and a..
Ex Tax:$52.95
Brand: C4 Model: 0BELTC4MAIN
Silicone made belt featuring a quick release Marseillaise style stainless steel buckle. This belt is much more advanced than all other traditional nat..
Ex Tax:$54.95
Brand: C4 Model: Gladius
GLADIUS is a monocoque speargun entirely manufactured in 100% high modulus carbon fiber.GLADIUS is a fast hydrodynamic gun featuring a rigid barrel fo..
Ex Tax:$799.95
Brand: C4 Model: C4 - Volare HT Fins
Aquaticity and LightnessTECHNICAL DATAMATERIAL: 100% carbon fiber TR50 HYPERTECH REFLECTBLADE DIMENSION: 1000 x 197 mmBLADE HARDNESS: 25 soft – 30 med..
Ex Tax:$599.95
Brand: Salvimar Model: Salvimar Dark Side Pneumatic Speargun
vacuum muzzleRound carbon fiber Pre-Peg TW-K03Internal barrel diameter ID 13mmPerfect buoyancyLine of sight imprinted in the barrelKit Race includedFi..
Ex Tax:$386.95
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